It is indeed a privilege to offer a perspective during the holiday season. Our region has a great deal to be thankful for during 2017, and the prospects for continued economic growth and diversity are set for 2018. 

Let me list a couple of examples:

Over that last five to seven years, the city of Sheridan and Sheridan County leaders have set a great framework to build economic opportunity, not by regulation but rather by building infrastructure. The Wrench Ranch and North Sheridan Interchange is just starting to make an impact via real estate availability, and it will grow as the construction is completed. 

Our manufacturing capacity is flourishing in Sheridan, and the success of Vacutech, Kennon, and L&H Industrial will continue to grow in the near future as we explore new markets that can utilize their skills. Manufacturing pays well, utilizing both skilled and professional people, brings money into town from far off places and furthers the utility and need for training at Sheridan College

Our local educators continue to set high student-performance standards that are the envy of many of the school districts within Wyoming. The progressive and forward thinking to provide early-age programming options for students sets another enviable strut — be ahead of the pack. As the topic of education is tossed around by our legislature, we are thankful that our local school performance sets the standard. This provides a strong foundation.

Our community has remained strong with solid employment numbers, a strong real estate market that maintains and grows and a remarkable social network of philanthropic organizations that set a foundation for many amenities that enable us to build and grow our community. Forward Sheridan’s perspective is that we are on the right track with how we represent our community. We are welcoming to business and our setting allows employees to settle and stay. We are the place where folks want to come and, if possible, stay. We remain committed to providing our businesses and community with dependable air service. I use it and shop Sheridan.


Jay Stender is the executive director of Forward Sheridan.