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Cris Williamson will return to Sheridan to perform at the WYO Performing Arts and Education Center Dec. 16. Williamson moved to Sheridan when she was in the third grade. 

“Sheridan is forever and always my hometown,” she said via email this week. “The connection (to Sheridan) is strong and ever-present, and I can conjure it at will. This place, these mountains are so precious to me.”

In a way, she said, it’s as though she never left.

Erin Butler, the executive director at the WYO, described Williamson as “an amazing female warrior.” The performer has been an advocate for a variety of causes — most especially LGBTQ and women’s issues.

“I knew what Tom Joad was talking about when he fervently said that wherever someone is getting beat up, wherever kids need to eat and learn to read, wherever people need to belong and know they are OK…that’s for me!” Williamson said of her efforts. “Women hold up more than half of the world and are asking — as are LGBTQ folks — to be accepted for who they are, to be treated equally. It’s been a long, hard ask, but I can feel the wheel turning.”

Activism, of course, takes a variety of forms. WIlliamson uses her platform as one way to get a message out to the masses, but others participate in society in other ways. No matter the manner in which activism takes place, Williamson said courage is always involved, along with a sense of decency.

Williamson would know. She helped envision the very first women’s national recording company, Olivia Records. Women are now in all aspects of music, she said, “where once they were kept out, the doors closed to them.”

Leading by example, the artist has also helped other people make the music they want to make and helped move the industry more toward independent recording.

Williamson’s album “The Changer and the Changed” held the record for many years as the best-selling indie album of all time. 

Saturday, she’ll take the stage at the WYO for a “Home for the Holidays” concert. The show will begin at 7:30 p.m. and tickets are available through the WYO box office. 




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