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The more you get out and interact with your fellow Sheridanites, the more you realize how small our city is. That’s a good thing. When the world around us is beating us over the head with its chaos, we draw strength from the familiarity of our communities.

Being part of a community moderates our own indelicate natures by helping us see that even if we disagree with our neighbors sometimes, we all care about the place we live and want the best for our families and loved ones.

So if you take nothing else from this column, take this: get out there and meet people. Go to a reading at the library and meet the author. See a classic film or documentary at the Whitney Center for the Arts and join the discussion afterward.

As much as the media wants to convince us otherwise, there are no boogymen. People, for the most part, are people, and we live in a pretty amazing place.

The reason I wanted to begin by referencing our town’s relatively diminutive stature is to once again point out what a privilege it is to live in a place that supports the arts so vigorously.

For Sheridan’s size, opportunities to enjoy the arts abound. When you go to a lot of community events like I do, you realize that there’s a dedicated core group that keeps culture alive and thriving in Sheridan. If you attend gallery showings, benefit concerts or theatrical productions, you consistently see the same people sponsoring, helping, attending and performing. These people are the heart of art in Sheridan. They generously give their time and resources to make sure that Sheridan is a place where the arts flourish.

At no time does that generosity shine more than during the Christmas season.

Once the Christmas stroll is over and the season is in full swing, there are holiday events nearly every day. Most of these events are sponsored or hosted by that wonderful core group of artists and art lovers. The next time you attend an event, make sure to take a moment to appreciate the people who make it happen, because Sheridan is special.

As for the Sheridan Civic Theatre Guild, we are thrilled to be bringing back Christmas at the Carriage House this weekend. It features many of Sheridan’s best known performers bringing you Christmas-themed music, poetry, readings, magic and short theatrical productions. There are more than 30 performers gracing the Carraige House stage for this celebration. Check out our website (sheridanstage.com) for more information.

There are only four shows so get your tickets early! The holiday season in Sheridan is something to behold. Take the time to appreciate it and remember, no matter what they tell us on the news, we’re all in this together. Merry Christmas!


David J. Myers is the president of the Sheridan Civic Theatre Guild.

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