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As we wrap up another a colder than usual fall season, we now roll into the Wyoming winter. Temperatures have been falling daily, and we are already starting fall and winter sports and aActivities. Fall hunting is some of the best in the region if you can handle the weather. Once you get a good walking pace going, you do warm up a little…

This past weekend I had the chance to go upland bird hunting with my oldest brother, Jim; son, Gus; and Jim’s two dogs Copper and Sammy. The weather was cool at 7 a.m. but warmed up to around 50 degrees. It was a great day and temperature to put a few miles on chasing wild birds. We managed to harvest a few pheasants. Thank goodness for my brother’s awesome dogs, as they were on point and worked the draws and brush like pros.

Copper managed to get the first bird on the ground before the bird had a chance to take flight and Sammy was glad to help Copper out. The bird was injured so without a shot we had one in the bag. We did look like the three stooges during the chase running on a snow covered hillside.

The best part of the day was getting to hang out with family and get some exercise. We also met a few friendly hunters. Everyone was respectful about hunting in the many different areas available to all parties. We even exchanged some intel on the one that flew up the draw into the area they were headed; we later heard shots ring out. There has been a good number of hunters in the field this year and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department staff members have done an excellent job planting birds this year.

Sheridan County has some great areas to exercise and hunt. There are state and federal lands everywhere in Sheridan County and the opportunity to get outside to hunt and exercise is unlimited. Red Grade and Soldier Creek trails are just a few locations close to town to access the great outdoors. Most states do not have the state and federal lands like what the state of Wyoming, Bureau of Land Management and others manage. Maps are available and for sale at the U.S. Forest Service and WGFD offices.

Make sure you are in the right area and it is a safe way to navigate your hike or hunting trip. Walk in areas are also on the Game and Fish website; feel free to ask question as those agencies have people with a lot of knowledge about the area and state. Also, let someone know where you are and when you expect to return home. Many of these areas are off the grid and you will not have cellphone service.

As the snow begins to fly, the city of Sheridan and Sheridan Recreation District will continue to keep most of the pathways open to the public except the cross-country ski trails and area located at South Park and North Park. Depending on the snow depths, those areas will be groomed for the community.

You all have no excuses this fall and winter to get out and walk somewhere in beautiful Sheridan County!

Remember to “park and recreate this winter.”


Richard Wright is the director of the Sheridan Recreation District.


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