SHERIDAN — The Sheridan College Museum of Discovery will present its next presentation of its science lecture series Dec. 6 at 7 p.m. in the Mars Agriculture Center.

Marco Restani will give the presentation about citizen scientists monitoring osprey distribution and reproductive success along the Yellowstone River in Montana.  Ospreys are one of Montana’s most recognizable and charismatic raptors, nesting throughout the western third of the state and along large rivers in the prairies. The Yellowstone Valley Audubon Society in Billings has monitored osprey nests along the Yellowstone River since 2009. The presentation will review population ecology, behavior and conservation of this widespread raptor.

Restani joined the Wyoming Wilderness Association as executive director this past April. He received degrees from the University of Montana, Montana State and Utah State. Following post-doctoral research at the University of Washington, he was a professor of wildlife ecology for 15 years at Rocky Mountain College and at St. Cloud State University. Restani has directed the research component of the Yellowstone River Osprey Project since 2012. The Mars Agriculture Center at Sheridan College is located at 1 Whitney Way.