SHERIDAN — The Advocacy and Resource Center board has selected Yvonne Swanson as its new executive director.

Swanson will assume the role on Nov. 26 with the retirement of Bonnie Young. The selection was made after a national search and vetting process. Swanson has served as a victim advocate and volunteer coordinator for the center for more than a decade.

“Yvonne is, without a doubt, the right candidate for this position,” said Dale Brown, ARC board chair, in a press release from the nonprofit. “Her passion is unparalleled and she will bring great energy to the position.”

Swanson brings 12 years of experience in nonprofit and victim services, describing Young as her trainer and mentor. Swanson is also actively involved in the community, serving as a Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce ambassador. She said she looks forward to continuing her work as the director of the ARC.

“The center is very important to me,” Swanson said, “and the legacy that is left by its founders is one I want to continue.”

Young has said that as ARC moves into a new era with new leadership she hopes prevention can become a new normal. For example, she hopes to see more programs teaching children about healthy relationships, respect and what steps can be taken to lead healthier, better lives.

Young has also said Swanson would do well as the nonprofit’s director. The ARC employees and volunteers are a tight-knit group working together on issues most of the community never sees, which takes patience and perseverance. 

The Advocacy and Resource Center assists victims of all violent crimes, including domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, elder abuse and child abuse. Center advocates walk victims through the justice system and inform them of their right to information, protection, input and restitution.

In 2016, the center reported 224 victims of domestic violence and 33 victims of assault. These numbers count each victim only one time, regardless of how often advocates met with the victim throughout the year.