CLEARMONT — Wednesday’s Sheridan County School District 3 board of trustees meeting was a little shorter than usual. The main topics were October expenses and policy items.

Business manager Greg Rohrer went over the expenses. The district spent $281,481.24 of its general expenses in October. Through four months of the fiscal year, the district has spent $960,458.34 (about 26 percent) of its $3.7 million general fund budget.

The school district has spent about $314,000 of its $1.8 million instructional budget, a little more than 17 percent. About 72.45 percent of funds remain in the $100,000 lunch budget.

The district brought in $438,166.98 of revenue in October. Of that total, about $285,000 came from a foundation payment, $103,000 from a shortfall grant and $50,000 from the county.

The board reviewed potential changes to district purchasing procedures but did not take any action. The main proposal change was that all purchases of $10,000 or more will need a competitive bid and will be processed through the district business office, where the bid documents will be kept for at least five years.

The board unanimously approved the district financial audit and fixed asset inventory. The board also set up a tentative date of Dec. 6 to meet with members from Whitney Benefits. The next board meeting is Dec. 13.