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SHERIDAN — Holding a liquor license in the city of Sheridan requires continued maintenance and actions each year. Sheridan City Council approved 27 of the 56 license renewals for the year within the city during its Monday meeting.

The process for renewal begins with Sheridan’s city clerk, who sends, receives and processes paperwork from each individual license holder to ensure compliance with existing and new laws. A blank operational plan and Training for Intervention ProcedureS (TIPS) log were sent out because of this year’s new liquor ordinance requirements.

Upon receiving and sending completed paperwork to the state for review, the Sheridan Police Department also completes compliance reviews for each license holder. SPD reviews the consistency of the operational plans from initial ownership to current operations.

Lt. Travis Koltiska explained that SPD’s tracking system for alcohol-involved cases comes into play in reviewing compliance of liquor license holders. SPD also completes criminal history checks.

“We make sure that any owner entities have a criminal history that will allow them to own that liquor license,” Koltiska said Monday. “Everyone you’ll see tonight has already been checked and has already made it through the approval process through the Sheridan Police Department.”

With new regulations arising with the newly passed liquor ordinance, SPD provided aid to license holders in rewording documents and ensuring compliance with the new laws. Koltiska said with the ordinance being passed halfway through the year, SPD allowed license holders to slowly ease into the new standards instead of immediately issuing citations.

Even with the aid in helping licensees ease into new standards, SPD issued citations related to establishments not calling to notify law enforcement of altercations.

Twenty-nine additional license holders await review and approval for the next year of service.

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