Each year on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, The Sheridan Press delivers a print edition of the newspaper to each home in the county. 

The newspaper comes full of all of the much-anticipated Black Friday ads, along with plenty of local news coverage to engage readers.

This year, we’ll ad another piece of information to the mix.

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas stands out as the season of giving. Bell ringers stand outside in the cold to welcome donations to The Salvation Army. Toys for Tots collects gifts for children. Giving trees appear in the lobbies of businesses all around the community.

Still, some nonprofits have needs that aren’t met.

We’re hoping to help address that.

We’re inviting all of the local nonprofits to send a list of their five most-needed items to The Sheridan Press. That list might include volunteers, clothes, nonperishable food, cash and whatever else stands out to the nonprofits’ leaders. With the list, we ask that you include how/where gifts can be dropped off to the nonprofit and a phone number for anyone who has questions. We’ll compile the lists from the amazing organizations in the community and publish it in the Nov. 22 edition of The Sheridan Press. This way, everyone will know how to give, what to give and where to drop it off. You can send that information to me at editor@thesheridanpress.com.

We hope, with the great amount of philanthropy that exists in the county, we can generate all kinds of support for the nonprofits that work every day to make our community an incredible place to live.

We know not everyone has money, household items or other things to give. But, maybe they have time — time to volunteer, time to offer their expertise. I encourage nonprofit leaders to think of these things as they make a wish list. Maybe your group needs somebody to manage a website, collect data or work on a short-term, specific project. 

Along with that effort, The Sheridan Press will once again help lead the charge for the Goodfellow Fund, which dates to 1958. Over the years, some $300,000 has been raised for The Salvation Army ministries. The funding primarily goes toward food, clothing and toys during the Christmas season.

We’ll also conduct the Season’s Readings program, which provides books to children through The Food Group. In a few weeks, you’ll start seeing drop-off bins around the city. So, start collecting your gently used children’s books to share. I don’t have many children’s books in my house these days, but I take any excuse I can to stop by the local book shops. 

It’s starting to feel more like winter each day; snow is even in the forecast again for Saturday. So as you start thinking about what your thankful for and what’s on your own, personal wish list this holiday season, I hope you’ll also think about what’s on lists of the hardworking nonprofits in our community.