Teachers praised for

credibility curriculum


I have lived through many presidencies and have never known a more partisan and selfish time than the present. That is why I offer high praise to Julie Weitz and Dana Wyatt, the two teachers (re: Press article, “Fake News: Students Study Source Credibility, October 27, 2017) at Sheridan Junior High School who are teaching their students to find authoritative sources for information. These young people are learning to become informed and objective citizens rather than people merely offering their unsupported opinions. Such young people, having learned how to be objective, will strengthen America by purveying the truth rather than falsehood. 

Nearly 47 percent of the eligible voters in the U.S. did not vote in the 2016 presidential election, according to the U.S. Election Project and over 20 percent make a spur-of-the moment decision as they walk into the voting booth. This is not the kind of example we need to be setting for the rest of the world—we need to have informed, rational voters who will strengthen our democracy. Remember the America that was the “shining city on the hill,” the place where people could speak their minds if they had the facts? Now, we divide into camps and believe we deserve to have opinions no matter how ill- or uninformed we are. I applaud the patriotism of Julie and Dana and others in this community who are attempting to inform vs. divide the American people. America needs people who base their actions on fact, on knowledge, rather than on unsupported opinion. 


Emily Nelson



‘Reopen’ Red Grade;

expand recreation

 “Making the Grade,” published in the Sheridan Press on Thursday, Oct 26, highlighted how Wyoming is not making a good grade for outdoor recreation.

I have asked, many times, the Sheridan county commissioners to “reopen” Red Grade Road to ATVS during the winter months for recreational purposes. Each year I write to the Opinion section of The Sheridan Press. I have made phone calls to the county commissioners resulting in absolutely nothing.

People used to travel from all over our region — Casper, Gillette and even the Black Hills to enjoy riding their ATVs up Red Grade and feasting on the beauty of the mountains. That is, until the county commissioners, in their infinite wisdom, shut down Red Grade to ATVs.

The reason the county commissioners shut down Red Grade to ATVs (they said) was safety. The little, light-weight ATVs made ruts that was hazardous to the snow machines that were traveling superfast.

The ruts were not caused by ATVs, but were caused by people wanting to see how good their 4X4 trucks would do in the snow, resulting in a stuck mess.

I suggested placing a size limiting gate across the road that would keep trucks out but allow snow machines and ATVs in; nope, too simple, the commissioners said.

All these people who used to come to Red Grade along with their recreational dollars are gone now!

Please “reopen” Red Grade to ATVs once again.

Most snow machine enthusiasts go to Bear Lodge anyway because Red Grade is dirt 50 percent of the time during the winter months, not covered with snow.

Call the county commissioners and request that Red Grade be opened to ATVs all winter long. Their phone number may be found in The Sheridan Press.


Fred Schubert



What is the definition of “all”?

Re: Nondiscrimination resolution


According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of “all” means “the whole amount, quantity or extent of; as much as possible; every member or individual component of…”

On Oct. 16, the Sheridan City Council passes a resolution stating, “Sheridan is a diverse community with a long tradition of pursuing full equality for all of its citizens.” Also it resolved to “reject discrimination of any kind and to respect the inherent worth of every person, without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, handicap, sex, age, gender, veteran status or political affiliation.”

Yet many attending the meeting were dissatisfied with this because it did not specifically include the words LGBTQ and transgender. What part of “all” does this not include, asked Councilor Alex Lee?

Several of these same folks who spoke so passionately about the lack of empathy and need to include those groups were the same folks who a few months ago at an open forum of Real Resistance jeered and discriminated against me, a woman and senior citizen, who dared to speak to them about giving our duly-elected president a fair chance.

Why would these same people demand inclusion of specific groups in a resolution when they openly demonstrated contempt and discriminated against persons they invited to have a talk about national political issues?

What is the answer to all this hate and rhetoric? The answer does not come from a paper sitting at city hall. Instead, all of us need to understand our neighbors and their inalienable rights. The answer lies in parents and grandparents talking to their children about our beautiful country and all it can offer to those who strive to achieve. The answer lies in our education system teaching history and civics about how our country was created in order to stop the oppression and government control from England, not teaching our young that it is acceptable to parse words to open the door to impose greater limits on others’ freedom just for self-gratification and justification.

Bottom line it is time to stop the obvious obstruction to our current government be it local, state or federal. It is time to stop the bullying tactics of yelling louder than the other folks in order to drown out the truth. It is time to realize that all of us have something to offer our country, no matter what personal or political entity to which we subscribe.


Carla M. Klopfenstein


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