Cubs fever


is the season. My Facebook and Twitter feeds have started to reflect my obsession with the Chicago Cubs. Many of the people and organizations I follow are related to the Cubs, and I cannot get enough.

Last night, I almost had to look away from the screen though. I tracked the game on my iPhone throughout the night, pitch by pitch. The Cubs led 8-4, but then the Nationals started creeping back. Before I knew it…my concern and angst surrounding my lovable team started to return.

But, as they tend to do these days, the Cubs played best when it mattered. 

It took a lot of restraint to not wake my husband to tell him the good news about the Cubs’ win, but I let him sleep.

This weekend, another series begins. On Saturday, they’ll play game one against the Los Angeles Dodgers, who just won the division series against the Diamondbacks in three games. Their record is 104-58 compared to the Cubs’ 92-70. The Dodgers will be a difficult team to get through, but the Cubs have played tough teams before. 

So as we continue the post season, I keep dreaming of a Cubs vs. Yankees World Series. I’m not a Yankees fan by any means, but I was a little upset when Aroldis Chapman ditched the newly crowned MLB champions for the team in New York. Who does that?

Well, millionaire baseball players, of course. But, I’m still not happy about it.

How can you ditch a team as real as the Cubs.

Did you know the Chicago team has a pre-game ritual that sometimes results in group hugs? According to a New York Times article from Wednesday, the team’s players gather on the field about 15 minutes before batting practice. 

“At that point, a player or someone else who works for the club is chosen to stand in the middle of the circle. And then, one by one, everyone says something nice about the person.”

Seriously! These guys are the best. And the love-fest isn’t just about the players themselves. According to the Times article, they recognize video coordinators, travel coordinators and others.

The Times goes on to point out that while talent certainly makes a different in the success of a sports team, so does workplace culture. 

As politics and social issues continue to become a part of the culture around professional sports, it’s refreshing to see a team cheering each other on and lifting each other up. 

While it kind of reminds me of the “Snap Cup” on “Legally Blonde” (yes, I watch sports and silly romantic comedies), I love that a group of burly athletic guys can invest in a pregame ritual that isn’t about competition but, really, is all about how they compete.

Go, Cubs, Go.

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