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CLEARMONT — The upcoming school accreditation process, and September financial report were two of the main topics at Wednesday’s Sheridan County School District 3 Board meeting.

Accreditation starts Sunday afternoon, and will end Oct. 18. Business manager Greg Rohrer went over expenditures and revenue from the past month. In September, the district spent a total of $275,169.41. That brings the total fiscal year expenditures to $678,977.30, or about 18.3 percent of its annual budget after three months.

Auzqui said the district’s goal is to have $1.2 million of its budget left for the summer months of June, July and August, and it is on track to do that.

Rohrer also briefly went over monthly lunch revenue and expenses, showing that in September, the district received $5,730 in revenue, and spent about $20,000.

“If we had to be self-sustaining, we’d be in trouble,” Rohrer said.

The board unanimously approved the hiring of Lena Frappier to be a new special education paraprofessional.

Several policy actions were unanimously approved, including an updated English Language Learner Education program, district administration salary schedules, the 2017-18 district comprehensive plan and a district legislator dinner on Nov. 21 at 6:30 p.m.

Auzqui also said he has tentatively scheduled a lunch meeting on Oct. 24 with district legislators. He said the main discussion topic will be state education recalibration, so he can gain a better understanding of future possibilities, including how the state would handle school district consolidation.

Arvada-Clearmont is the only school in the state that doesn’t have an athletic track, Auzqui said, so that is something on the district agenda to be funded in the next year or two. He also said updates to the district bus barn should be completed near the end of the month. Board members will likely have a day retreat in December to discuss funding and staffing for next year, and goals they have, both for the school and board.

The next board meeting is Nov. 8.

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