SHERIDAN — On Oct. 4 during the Sheridan Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees meeting, the Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation presented the hospital with a check for $221,685.00.

These funds represent the final installment of the almost $305,000 raised to upgrade the current digital mammography equipment to 3-D mammography (Tomosynthesis).

“This money has been raised through our Link Partners in Pink events over the past three years,” said Ada Kirven, director of donor relations with the Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation, in a press release. “Upgrading to the 3-D mammography is so important to our hospital and our community because it allows us to provide the most advanced screening right here in Sheridan.”

Kirven added that The Link has become a tradition in the community and has grown to be more than just a fundraiser.

“Our community has come to see this event as a way to honor and remember those who have or are currently battling, not just breast cancer, but all cancers,” Kirven said in the release. “It also allows us to educate on the importance of early detection and screening.”

Chris Bilyeu, radiology manager at SMH, said the 3-D technology allows physicians to examine the tissue in layers. He likened the process to the pages in a book.

“When you look at the cover, you cannot see all the pages but when you open it up, you can see the entire book by page,” Bilyeu said in the press release. “3-D mammography was designed with the same concept in mind; the physician can examine the tissue one layer or ‘page’ at a time, which allows smaller tumors to be detected earlier. With one in eight women being diagnosed with breast cancer, this new technology can be life saving.”

Sheridan Memorial Hospital will have the equipment in place and will begin offering the 3-D mammography later this fall.