BIG HORN — In an unusually short meeting Tuesday evening, the Sheridan County School District 1 board did not recommend adding a Tongue River High School wrestling team and discussed preparation for its accreditation process next month.

SCSD1 superintendent Marty Kobza said five students expressed sincere interest in the TRHS wrestling program. That number didn’t meet the district standard for consideration of adding wrestling, Kobza said, which is at least eight or nine students.

Kobza also said that some preliminary numbers indicate there are about 20 students interested in wrestling at Tongue River Middle School, most of whom are in sixth grade.

“It may be something that we want to reconsider in a couple years,” Kobza said of adding the program at the high school level.

State accreditors will review the district schools Oct. 8-11. The accreditors will meet with board members Oct. 9 to discuss the district’s strategic plan; how the board members are communicating with citizens; and the board members’ overall vision for the district.

The last time the district was accredited, Kobza said there were two things it had to work on: having a districtwide consistent grading system and more technology integration.

The districtwide grading system is complete but took effort on behalf of district staff. Regarding technology, the state accreditors will look at how it is being used on a regular basis in the classroom and how students interact with the technology when instructed and on their own time.

Kobza said the state will use the Effective Learning Environments Observation Tool as a part of the accreditation process. The tool involves accreditors going into a classroom and watching the class activities for about 20 minutes. It is based on a student’s perspective, and judges whether a student’s needs are being properly met.

Regarding the new WY-TOPP assessment, district students in third through eighth grade will take an interim test in fall and winter, and the summative test in spring. Students will also have MAP testing in fall and spring. Kobza said that after WY-TOPP testing is completed, the district will decide whether or not to continue MAP testing.

On Wednesday, the board has a joint dinner meeting at Big Horn High School at 5:30 p.m. with the Northern Wyoming Community College District on the status of its concurrent and dual enrollment.

The next regular board meeting is Oct. 17.