SHERIDAN — Sheridan City Council President Jesus Rios stepped down from his role as city councilor last night to pursue professional goals and for personal reasons.

“There’s some growth opportunities for me in my business and it’s going to require me to be far more hands on and more engaged,” Rios said. “I’m really needing to do that in support of all the employees we have in my company.”

In addition to his business opportunities, Rios said he plans to help care for his mother who was diagnosed with dementia a few years ago.

“We’ve taken use of Dementia-Friendly Communities Initiative through the Senior Center here in town,” Rios said. “I would tell you, if you have a family member and you’re part of a care provider group, providing care to a family member, I’d really encourage you to take the opportunity to sit down with those folks.”

The Dementia Friendly Wyoming website launched this week and the Senior Center provides support for caregivers in the community.

“I appreciate the chance to highlight that because it’s an important issue that affects a lot of families in our community and I really want to make sure people know about that resource,” Rios said.

Council members praised Rios for his work and expressed appreciation for what he has done throughout the years serving the city of Sheridan and its citizens.

“You’re going to be missed on the council,” Councilor Alex Lee said, “(from) the background you brought to the table, (to) your approach to problem solving.”

Lee suggested people interested in the position put in the time doing research on how council functions.

“For individuals out there considering putting their name in the hat for council, may I recommend some studying of work sessions and the council meetings and listening to how the council processes some challenging issues that come before our community,” Lee said.

Lee said Rios studied the issues and wasn’t afraid to get knee-deep and go door-to-door and ask the tough questions.

“Above that, you listened,” Lee said. “I know on occasions you put your personal interest or personal thoughts or personal leanings to the side for what the collective was considering and that’s tough to do.”

Mayor Roger Miller said the city attorney is completing research to determine how the replacement process has been done in the past and said he looks forward to completing a clean, public process to replace Rios.

“It’s been a real honor and a privilege to serve in this capacity,” Rios said. “I think the last four years have been a great learning opportunity for me and a great way to get engaged with what we do so well here in this community.”