SHERIDAN — Back pain plagues many people, from simple muscle pangs and posture-related soreness to more serious discomfort from injury.

The YMCA will offer its Healthy Back program beginning July 17. The class will run through Aug. 2 from 12:15-1:15 each Monday and Wednesday. It will take place in the upstairs Mind/Body Center at the YMCA.

The program was designed by medical professionals to help individuals strengthen their backs.

“The Healthy Back Class is preventative in nature, and consists of relaxation, stretching and gentle muscle strengthening exercises,” said Diane Ballek, instructor of the class. “Program participants will gradually learn a sequence of 15 simple, but effective exercises that can be done daily at home.”

The Healthy Back class is free to all members of the community and the class is limited to 15 participants. Interested individuals must sign up by calling the YMCA at 674-7488.

The YMCA is located at 417 N. Jefferson St.