SHERIDAN — Set to open June 23, Verdello will bring high-quality olive oil and vinegar to Sheridan’s downtown business scene.

Located on Grinnell Plaza, Verdello will offer more than 40 different traditional and infused olive oils and vinegars on tap for customers to try, bottle and buy.

Kathy Bede, who owns the store with her husband, Mark, said there will be a first-time bottle charge, then the customer can bring the bottle back when it’s empty and trade it in for a new one.

Bede said the oils come from all over the world, with many from Italy and Greece.

She said the store is focused on offering organic, healthy products and all oils and vinegars will be available to sample before purchase.

Bede’s daughter and store manager, Lindsey Dillard, said the store brings something new not just to the downtown area, but the region.

“What I think is neat about a lot of the products that we’re carrying is it’s things you’re not going to see typically where we live,” Dillard said, “which is kind of exciting.”

Aside from the oils, the store offers pasta, sauces and other unique cooking goods like pickled beets and spicy apricot bourbon barbecue sauce.

Dillard said the store will also offer recipes, focused on healthy eating in today’s fast-paced world, and eventually cooking classes.

“We’re not just a store here to sell you stuff,” Dillard said. “We’re here to educate you, you know, show you that you can come in and buy these things and go home and cook a really amazing meal in a really simple way.”

While Verdello’s products are from all over, the store helps support a business closer to home. Verdello buys its oils from Olivelle, a Bozeman, Montana-based manufacturer and retailer that infuses the products.

Olivelle owner Brie Thompson said the oils Olivelle produces and Verdello will sell are a higher quality than what’s found in grocery stores. She said all products are either single-estate or single-region sourced, producing a higher-quality crop.

She also said the crop’s early harvesting gives it better polyphenols, a health-protective antioxidant found in olive oil, and a fresher taste. She said oils sold in the grocery store usually come from about five or six different countries.

“It’s literally just a commodity crop that’s blended and sold at a cheap price,” Thompson said.

Bede said her travels, which were often food-focused, helped inspire her to open the shop. She said the name of the store is a type of olive tree in Sicily that’s rare but produces high-quality oil.

Bede said the store will be participating in Third Thursdays and will work with other local businesses.

Dillard said adding the store to Sheridan’s downtown will not only give people a new way of looking at food and cooking, but will help the downtown business scene by keeping those already familiar with the product in town.

“I like that it’s helping Sheridan people stay in Sheridan,” Dillard said. “And helping to keep our downtown alive. I think that’s really important.”