SHERIDAN — Sheridan will host the first-ever Collective Voices, a Wyoming nonprofit symposium hosted by the Wyoming Nonprofit Network, on Wednesday and Thursday.

Center for a Vital Community executive director and chair of the Wyoming Nonprofit Network Amy Albrecht came up with the idea of a collaborative symposium with Jodi Shields.

Shields serves as vice president of the Wyoming Nonprofit Network and said the goal of the event is to provide an opportunity to help nonprofits learn and network together.

“We’re very excited to have this be our first year for the symposium,” Shields said. “We’ve been around for a few years since we’ve reorganized. It’s our first statewide event, so we’re looking forward to it.”

Shields said the group was happy with registration, totaling 140 people from all around the state.

“We’re also partnering with Serve Wyoming and they administer the AmeriCorp funding, so we have some AmeriCorp funding as well,” Shields said of how the event came together.

For those who missed the cutoff for registering, Shields said they must sign up online, as no last-minute on-site registration will be available.

The symposium will include sessions on advocating, nonprofit governance, evaluation and Internet and technology security.

Amy Eisenstein will serve as the main speaker at the event.

“She is a fundraising expert and she’s going to be talking about growing individual giving at nonprofits, about fundraising, making time to do development in your organization and strategies for doing that,” Shields said.

Courtesy | Wyoming Nonprofit Network

A committee of around 20 people worked to put this together for a little over a year, Shields said.

“(The committee members) are from all over the state and they work for nonprofits or work in businesses that work with nonprofits, so they’ve helped in the agenda and speakers and all the logistics and finding sponsors,” Shields said. “We have a lot of input into this.”

Nonprofit networks like Wyoming’s typically put on collaborative symposiums such as this, but Shields said the group wanted to wait until they were established and in the right phase of the organization before taking on a statewide event.

Shields hopes attendees will learn while also connecting with other nonprofits statewide.

“I really hope the nonprofit staff members and directors really connect with others across the state, form relationships so that when you need ideas and when you want to do some collaboration, you have people from all over the state as your peers that you’ve had face to face and got to meet,” Shields said.

With Albrecht stationed in Sheridan, it worked out to have the event at Sheridan College.

“Having our first statewide nonprofit symposium in my backyard is fantastic,” Albrecht said in an email. “I’m so excited to show Sheridan off to our visitors and I know that Collective Voices will be well worth their time and travel.”

Registration is technically closed, but for further questions or possibly grabbing a spare seat, contact Shields at or 307-772-9148.