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Re: Council and fluoride

We voted against adding fluoride to our water in the 1950’s. That vote still stands, just as the vote on the Constitution stands. Yet, the Sheridan city council began adding fluoride in 2015, against the will of the people. That is a violation of the sacred public trust and should not be tolerated.

Every vaccination program has an “opt-out” provision. That’s for liability reasons and the fact that our government isn’t allowed to force anything into our bodies. In America, the right of self-ownership is inviolate. But there’s no way to opt-out of fluoridated tap water. Did the city provide a “non-fluoride” tap to every household? Are there “non-fluoride” public drinking fountains in every public building?

The right to decide what we ingest is a fundamental human right. No government has the right to make us put anything into our bodies that we do not agree to. When the Sheridan city council ordered adding fluoride, they violated our right to decide for ourselves. They violated the will of the people, in the only vote on the issue. And they’ve made no provision for equitable remedy or opting out of fluoride.

The debate over the safety, health and efficacy of ingesting fluoride is complicated and may go on forever, but the case against forced fluoride on the basis of basic human rights and our rights as American citizens, is as clear as the waters flowing from the Big Horn Mountains.

Contaminating our water is wrong. Usurping our right to opt-out is immoral. And acting in direct contradiction of our vote is un-democratic.

We should immediately halt the forced-fluoride program and begin discussing the matter in preparation for a re-vote. We shouldn’t trade our freedom, for whiter teeth.

It you like fluoride then, please, ingest as much as you choose, but don’t impose your choice on your neighbors. They just might take offense.

Forced-fluoride or freedom? It’s our call.

Dennis Fox


By |May. 20, 2017|

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