SHERIDAN — Despite years of determining whether or not Kendrick Pool remains a feasible facility for the Sheridan community, the pool will live on for at least another year.

Past assessments

Both the Associated Pool Builders out of Bismarck, N.D. and TSP of Sheridan completed assessments detailing needed updates for Kendrick Pool. Associated Pool Builders provided the city of Sheridan — the pool’s owner — and Sheridan Recreation District — the pool’s operator — with a scope and summary of work for Kendrick Pool in December 2011.

TSP then completed a condition assessment report for the city of Sheridan in July 2014.

The report introduction said it did not attempt to address deficiencies and remedial solutions to return the facility to “as new” condition.

“To do so would require replacement of most or all existing components,” the report said.

“Rather this report seeks to identify concerns, solutions and remedial budgets to allow continued aquatic operations for the next 5-10 years,” it continued.

The February 2015 adopted parks and recreation master plan outlined responses from a recreation questionnaire sent and returned in the summer and fall seasons of 2014. From that questionnaire, the majority of respondents were willing to retire the Kendrick Park Pool if a replacement swimming facility was provided.

Those in favor of replacing Kendrick Pool with another outdoor pool made up 47 percent of the responses and the option to retire the pool and provide an indoor pool accounted for 21 percent of the responses.

Only 16 percent selected the option of temporarily fixing or repairing Kendrick Pool to extend its life as long as possible.

Little fixes

With tightened budgets at the city and SRD levels, both groups continue to make small improvements to ensure safety and longevity of the popular Sheridan site.

“We’re pretty positive (in its lifespan) if we continue to keep putting money into it,” said Richard Wright, executive director of SRD.

The city of Sheridan’s public works director Nic Bateson said the architect completing the overall assessment report indicated some components about the pool may have a remaining life of five years.

“Obviously that’s a best-guess estimate,” Bateson said. “We just continue to watch it and make sure that we can function and operate summer after summer.”

Vice president of Associated Pool Builders David Volk said that their 2011 assessment was a “10,000 feet analysis” and that with renovations and updates on the pool, the lifespan of the pool could be doubled pretty easily.

No detrimental safety concerns currently exist for Kendrick Pool, which has its opening day set for June 3. Work will be done to resurface a portion of the deck that turned to sand during the past harsh winter. Thompson’s Masonry is also currently completing annual retiling in and around the pool.

Wright said SRD refurbished the lockers in the men’s locker room and had plans to repaint the locker room and entryway floors, but ran out of time before the summer season.

Instead, crews will power wash and deep clean areas before opening day.

Partnership power

The city of Sheridan holds a contract with SRD to maintain, run and employ the pool, ice cream stand, Thorne-Rider Park and other park and field facilities within city limits.

“Within that agreement, there are One-Cent funds as well as general funds that are distributed to the Rec District overall to do the services that they do for the community,” Bateson said of funding for the facility. “Any major repairs, replacements, anything really that needs attention at the Kendrick Pool, the city of Sheridan has ownership of that facility and therefore has the responsibility to attend to those things.”

Wright said SRD contributed $20,000 to $30,000 to improvement projects this year and provided the city with other line items.

“I think for the list from TSP, we continually work with the city,” Wright said. “When we meet with them, we actually go through those lists together and see what the biggest needs are of the facility.”

A full deck replacement remains one of the potential fixes, but was too expensive for immediate repairs.

Future potential

Kendrick Pool will work on a year-by-year basis for longevity and repairs. The potential of the YMCA’s new aquatic center replacing Kendrick Pool remains unlikely, at least for now.

“The way that it sits right now, I think everybody is supportive of welcoming the indoor aquatics facility, but also maintaining the outdoor Kendrick Pool for as long as we can,” Bateson said. “If and when some kind of major renovations is a little bit more urgent, I think all of the community, as well as mayor and council, as well as the Rec board, all of the different stakeholders involved will just have to reevaluate the situation and determine what’s feasible going forward.”

Bateson said SRD currently receives a small amount of private donor funding, but funds directly allocated to Kendrick Pool would be appreciated at any point.

“I will welcome anybody to get in contact with the Rec District to find ways to help and assist with that mission,” Bateson said.