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Most of us don’t think a lot about our closets. We think a lot about storage or the lack of it, but closets just are.

A few weeks ago we started the process of remodeling our home by talking with a contractor who put us in touch with his roof guy, his closet guy and his cabinet guy. And I thought that was smart. Why try to manage all the details yourself. Get help from talented craft people and supervise — a good leadership strategy.

The roof guy measured, the cabinet guy sat down and discussed some of the ideas I had about a few items I wanted made and the layout in the new kitchen, and the closet guy turned out to be a woman who could really use a tape measure.

She gave suggestions and listened to our ideas about the way we live and what we needed. I was a little apprehensive because she works on a lot of higher-end custom designs in resort towns and I didn’t want to A.) pay too much or B.) get something that didn’t work for us. We ended up understanding just how much work we had in our future.

Stephen wanted new shelving and closets in the garage for instance. Have you ever priced this man-cave stuff? It looks good but is out-of-this-world expensive. And it was slightly embarrassing to even let the closet designer into the garage. It hasn’t been cleaned well in years and it showed.

The next day I started going through all the old paint and gardening gear on the east wall. I moved a lot of things into the garden shed where it was supposed to have been all along. I found things I thought were long lost and organized, moved metal shelving out to said shed, and cleaned and threw out a lot of junk. Some junk got recycled, some got donated and some got put back together. A large (6-foot) metal sunflower that I bought in the good old days at Crazy Woman had lost a few leaves along the way. I found them and a friend cranked up his welder and re-affixed them to the flower stalk. Beautiful — and I have just the spot that newly re-leafed flower will showcase.

Life gets crazy sometimes but usually in the end, one way or the other, life evolves and moves on. We got a PDF from the closet designer with two good layouts and ideas for the other bedroom closets that will help modernize and organize them. Stephen got a layout and price for his garage man-cave that made him rethink just how cool he needed the garage to be, and we are one step closer to life after a remodeling project.

Susan Woody has been a home and garden writer for more than 20 years and is a master gardener.

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