Tonight’s the night!

Sheridan’s summer kickoff – Third Thursday Street Festival — begins at 5 p.m.

It’ll be on Sheridan’s Main Street and Grinnell Plaza. There will be vendors, exhibits, and live music featuring Gary Small & the Coyote Brothers and Mick Johnson. A splendid time and place to network, catch up with friends and neighbors and to enjoy the salubrious Sheridan summer.

Sponsors: Hammer Chevrolet, Streetwear Clothing and Baby, Too, Warehouse 201, Sheridan Travel & Tourism, City of Sheridan.


The Sheridan Art Jubilee begins today as well. It runs through June 30.

Check out the special section published in Saturday’s edition of The Sheridan Press. It’s online:

There’s a schedule for upcoming showings and sales, a “call for art,” and a ‘Starving Artist Sale,’ coming June 29.
All this at our Sagebrush Community Art Center.

For info, contact the executive director of Sagebrush, Jody Sauers, 674-1970; or, The gallery is located at 201 E. Fifth Street.


Longtime Sheridan High School band director Bill Avery stopped in Wednesday morning to talk up the four forthcoming “Concerts in the (Kendrick) Park” series involving local musicians. The first concert will be at 7:30 p.m. July 2. Bill was wanting to announce rehearsals at 7 p.m. on July 1 at the band room of Sheridan High School.

This concert will be under the direction of Pat Maloney, a music instructor from Ashland, Mont., who teaches at the St. Labre Indian School there. Pat, says Bill, has been coming to Sheridan for years as a performer in these concerts and usually bringing several students with him.

Incidentally, the second concert of this series will honor Avery and musician Dr. Rod Bisbee has a call out to former students and band mates to contact him about this particular performance and rehearsals.
“The city does such a good job with our park,” Avery says. “It’s an ideal place for a summer concert.”


A golf pal sent the following “Winning Golf Strategies.” Summer golf leagues are in full bloom hereabouts. Chapters are entitled:
• How to Properly Line Up Your Fourth Putt.
• How to Hit a Nike from the Rough When You Had Hit a Titleist from the Tee
• When to Give the Ranger the Finger
• Using Your Shadow to Confuse Your Opponent
• When to Implement Handicap Management
• How to Urinate Undetected Behind a 4X4 Post
• Why Your Spouse Doesn’t Care About Your Birdie on the Fifth Hole
• When to Suggest Swing Corrections to Your Opponent
• Why Men Golfers Will Pay $5 for a Beer from the Cart Girl and Give Her a $4 Tip, but will Balk at a $3 Beer at the 19th Hole and Stiff the Bartender