SHERIDAN — Members of the Sheridan High School indoor track team spent their Sunday afternoon packing and unpacking boxes to help Foot of the Bighorns move to its new location.

Foot of the Bighorns general manager Michelle Powers Maneval said that through The Sport Stop they often work with the track team and are involved in putting on many races. She said the store made a donation to the track team to help its members participate in next year’s Simplot Games.

“I work great with (coach) Art Baures. He’s a great friend of mine. We help each other really well; we help each other any time we can,” Maneval said.

“So this was perfect for us to be able to pay them, to make a donation to them to help us for the day,” she continued. “And boy the army showed up. I can’t believe how many kids they got; it’s amazing.”

Track team member Hailey Dillon said that volunteering wasn’t mandatory for the team, but it was something she wanted to do.

“I just thought it would be good to get out and help,” Dillon said. “My family’s worked with Sport Stop for a long time so I thought it would be good to come help.”

Maneval said family and friends also showed up to help move the family-run business, which is owned by her mom, Karen Powers. She said they decided to move the store about a year ago and had been considering the building at the new location on the corner of Main Street and West Brundage Street.

Maneval said they rented the previous location, next to the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce, and were able to purchase the front end of the new building. The building will be occupied by a number of homeowners and businesses, including Sagebrush Community Art Center.

To be ready for the move, Maneval said the space had to be completely redone.

“The building was old, everything had to be gutted,” Maneval said and explained it included cleaning out the basement. “We just got our space clean and beautiful and ready to go, and it’s just been prepared for us wonderfully.”

The new location has multiple floors, open space and attractive finishes. Features like decorative lighting and the store’s name engraved in the stairs to the basement makes the store feel polished while wood floors and recycled tin help it keep its natural vibe.

While the remodel of the building will help to display the merchandise more attractively, mostly Maneval said they liked the location because the purchase allowed the store to stay downtown, on a corner with more exposure.

“Downtown space is becoming more of a commodity, which is great for downtown, I’m super excited about that,” Maneval said. “Our downtown is growing and it’s really cool downtown and people want to be here.”

Maneval said she’s hoping to have a soft opening of the new location Friday, with a grand opening to follow. But in the meantime if a person needs shoes the outlet is still open but Foot of the Bighorns won’t turn anyone away.