Only three days until Christmas! Wow has this month been jam packed with fun and festivities! Weekly-daily-hourly, it’s true! It’s a catchy spirit of all colors. Just ask the SheridanAires choir, FA-LA-LA Holiday!! Oh, yeah, I guess you had to be at the annual Winter Concert. Two shows with master of ceremonies, the amazing AJ Longhurst. Thanks to this year’s sponsor Brookdale Sugarland Ridge. The house was full and of course festive! To top it all off, Gene Sager honored us with an invitation to be part of the inaugural choir performance at the Whitney Center for the Arts! Thank you Mr. Sager.

This morning the Young At Heart Players lit up the dining room with rehearsals of their next play. In addition, Dominoes were being played in the one corner while others played Kings Corner on the other side and still more people shot the breeze with a hot cup of coffee. All this happening while the Charlie Brown Christmas scene on the back of the stage painted the picture of light heartedness. A room full of people sitting comfortably, filling the room with fun and festive energy. That’s a joyful picture to this activities director.

Hey you should’ve been here for the White Elephant Party or the Light Tour and Soup Supper that Jean put together. It is a reward to us when new people participate or even some that haven’t been here for a while. Vicki hadn’t been around quite some time and low and behold shows up for the party. Lots of hugs all around. Laughter and warm wishes. That’s part of the job you know. What a reward for us to breed such joy through our job.

The third week of December…music, music, music. Volunteers sharing their joy through their gift of music. It is a complement to the fun department that we can offer these musicians a fun and festive atmosphere to perform. We appreciate and look forward to the ‘joyful noise’ they provide for us: Clair Arcadia, Anna Bailey, Leigh Howard and Saralee Garber, Sandy Canfield, Terry Garrison, Sam Hoffman, Beverly Haynes and Canary Joe Band.

We know the joy of cookie decorating can be time consuming so guess what? We made the cookies for you and provided the rest as well. Would it make more sense to be 12 and decorating cookies, licking icing off your fingers and ‘cheating’ to eat one before you’re done…I don’t think so! The simple joys of life are ageless. Ask Alice, she was there.

The art of creating fun and festive is as simple as something for everyone. (And always have hot cocoa or popcorn available). Jean has kept the craft room busy. It’s a joy to walk by a class in session and hear the giggles, the roar of laughter and people helping people.

We’ll end our fun and festive month with the Burgers and Bluegrass Christmas Party. Hoping to encourage folks to exude joy with dancing feet. After all the music sure does. Age? No matter. It’s worth stopping in to catch the joy bug and you will.

Our New Years’ Eve Eve and Noon Party can be compared to any fun and festive New Years’ Eve event you’ve ever had in your younger days…with a little sensibility. Music by the Canary Joe Band, a first class meal from our kitchen staff, a toast a noon and BINGO following. Note the date: Friday, Dec. 30, beginning at 11 a.m.

Fun and festive all year long at the Sheridan Senior Center!

I’ll take this opportunity to thank all our dining room volunteers that help our lunchtime run smooth.

There I was searching the web for an official quote reminding us that joy breeds joy.

“Be happy for this moment. For this moment is your life.”

— Omarr Khayyam, Persian philosopher, scholar.

Jane Perkins is the “Director of the Fun Department” at the Sheridan Senior Center. Center Stage is written by friends of the Senior Center for the Sheridan Community. It is a collection of insights and stories related to living well at every age.