SHERIDAN — The city of Sheridan Planning Commission unanimously approved two plans for city development — Wrench Ranch Properties Third Development, Phase One and the Sheridan Land Use Plan to be approved by Sheridan’s City Council during its Dec. 19 meeting.

With just enough members present for a quorum and Orion Planning and Design consultant Joanne Garnett in attendance, the group of four planning commissioners agreed to approve the nearly 100-page Land Use Plan to help move upcoming projects forward.

The Sheridan Land Use Plan for the city coincides with the county plan, also created by Orion Planning and Design.

“Often we do some of these planning efforts that are a little bit out of sync. In this case, they’re running together,” said Robert Briggs, the planning and economic development director for the city.

A consideration to table the motion was not carried out due to the upcoming holidays and only one planning commission meeting planned before the Sheridan City Council intends to approve the Land Use Plan.

“We are very excited to move it forward, but we also respect and understand that you want to be comfortable,” Garnett said.

Planning Commissioner Jon Oman asked if cities similar to Sheridan were used as comparisons while making the plan.

“State statute allows for communities to adopt a master plan for development of the community,” Briggs said. “That’s pretty consistent across the entire country.”

After two large surveys, lines of people interested in the plan during Third Thursdays and the combined effort of the plans from the city of Sheridan and Sheridan County, Briggs and Garnett are confident in the success of the plan and the citizens’ support.

“This idea of parks and pathways and development that respects the landscape and provides opportunity for active and passive recreation,” Briggs said, “it’s been a pretty consistent theme that we hear over and over and over again. Sheridan is a community that is very passionate about the way the community looks and feels and they’re very passionate about having some of these amenities.”

Oman, a recent addition to the planning commission in May, was inspired by the community’s involvement in the plan.

“It’s very impressive to me for a community this size that we would be this invested,” Oman said. “It’s very cool.”

Unanimous approval of the Sheridan Land Use Plan by planning commissioners moves it into the hands of Sheridan City Council, where they will vote to adopt it as the master plan for the development of the community.

In other business, a unanimous vote approved Phase One of the Third Development of Wrench Ranch Properties. The final plat of Wrench Ranch, around 50.56 acres, will subdivide one existing tract and the remaining unplatted land into 13 lots. A partial vacation of Yellowtail Drive right-of-way will take place west of Decker Road, both sides of Interstate 90 and north of Yellowtail Drive in order to correspond with the new Yellowtail alignment as part of the North Sheridan Interchange Project.

A lot of the infrastructure for this project is either infrastructure that the city installed as part of the North Sheridan Interchange Project or as part of city capital projects, Briggs said.

Briggs said the draft infrastructure development agreement includes sidewalks and pathways and necessities to have easements in place outside of the subdivision area that will allow the city to extend the wet utilities to the property that is on the east side of the interstate.

The Wrench Ranch property boundary map is available at