DAYTON — The Tongue River Valley Joint Powers Board discussed who should attend the State Loan and Investment Board meeting on Jan. 19, at its meeting Thursday.

The SLIB meeting will be held during legislative session in Cheyenne, and is scheduled for the week after the Wyoming Association of Municipalities convention. Dayton town clerk Linda Lofgren has rooms reserved for the convention, and will need to know how many to       keep reserved.

According to TRVJPB chairman Mayor Peter Clark, the group will have to go down the day before, because the SLIB meeting begins at 8 a.m. the next day. The first half of the session is business council and the second half will include the discussion of the awards.

According to Clark, the SLIB staff will send out a list of recommendations three or four weeks before the meeting. The former Mayor of Dayton, Bob Wood said not to count on recommendations because they can change.

“I will never forget the turn-around they had on the fire department,” Wood said. “There were 12 emergency units and the board turned them all down; recommended no. A couple of us got up and talked and they passed them all. I think the big thing is just being there at the meeting. You’ve been there before and they awarded $100,000. I think that makes a big difference.”

According to TRVJPB secretary Joey Sheeley, the board has provided every bit of information SLIB has asked for, the numbers from the feasibility study haven’t changed, so SLIB has to know that the TRVJPB has done its homework.

The board discussed that Clark, board member Eric Lofgren and Wood will attend the meeting, and perhaps TRVJPB treasurer Karen Walters, owner of Pinedale Natural Gas and consultant Steve Shute and a member of Western Water Consultants Engineering will attend as well. Sheeley said she will ask Shute if he wants to attend and WWC professional engineer Jack Fritz said he would ask his colleagues for a representative.

Sheeley said she expects that Senator Bruce Barnes and Sheridan County Commissioner Mike Nickels will probably attend. They are both very supportive.

Dayton resident Dennis Wagner suggested that the board invite House District 51 Representative Elect Bo Biteman (R) to the next meeting so that he is up to speed and invite him to attend the SLIB meeting as well.

In other business, Clark reported that House District 51 Representative Rosie Berger (R) is working on a bill for joint powers boards to be exempt from public service commission, which benefits the counties as well. It is a major piece of legislation, Clark said.

In addition, the TRVJPB:

• heard from Fritz that the bill from PB Communications for $75 was not related to the study WWC conducted. Clark will look further into what it is .

• heard from Clark that he will call Burns Insurance Agency to see what needs to be done to transfer former board member, Dayton Mayor Norm Anderson’s bond to Lofgren. Bonding for the board is for whomever has their name on the signature card for the TRVJPB checking account at Cowboy State Bank.

• approved a motion to remove Anderson from the signature card for the TRVJPB checking account at Cowboy State Bank and add Lofgren.

• approved payment of the bonding, which is due Dec. 17, for Walters, Clark and Lofgren for $100 each, totaling $300.

• scheduled the next meeting for Dec. 15.