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This 2016 election season left many feeling frustrated. Some who supported Hillary Clinton have taken to the streets to protest the results. Some who supported Donald Trump are repeatedly trying to disregard the accusations of racism and misogyny hurled their direction.

Some, too, feel their voices aren’t being heard. In fact, some voices weren’t heard. In recent decades, according to the New York Times, 40 to 50 percent of eligible voters failed to turn out to the polls. I doubt that lack of initiative will keep those same folks from complaining about the direction our country is heading or the policies the new president will begin.

Turnout at polling places increased compared to the 2012 presidential elections in Sheridan County.

But over and over, people lament that their vote just doesn’t matter. For example, in Wyoming, it seemed all but certain that the state would support Trump. So why vote?

The presidential election was not the only race on the ballot.

In Dayton, the race for a town council seat was determined by one vote.

Every vote does in fact matter.

No matter how you feel about the results of the presidential race — local government directly affects your life in more ways than can be counted.


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