Nestled in the rolling hills approximately 40 miles southeast of Sheridan, the tiny town of Clearmont should not be overlooked.

In 2010, the U.S. Census Bureau marked the population at 142 people, many who work in agriculture or education.

While it is not a booming population or bustling shopping center that inspires visitors to take the quintessential Sunday drive to Clearmont, the drive is still worth it. Clearmont is ripe with history and small-town charm.

Clearmont was founded in 1892 as a railroad town servicing the Burlington-Missouri Railroad (currently known as the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad). When railroad officials arrived, the town site was moved 1.5 miles and renamed to Clearmont in honor of Clear Creek flowing through town and the view of the Bighorn Mountains to the west.

In the early 1900s, Clearmont was a major shipping point for cattle and became a terminal point in 1914.

The old jail in the town park was built in 1922 for $827 and is open for visitors. The jail is currently listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

Just off Main Street sits Arvada-Clearmont High School. Next to it is the Old Rock School, which is a one-room schoolhouse that offers a glimpse at days past. Although not in use anymore, the building was refurbished in recent years.

Visitors to Clearmont can enjoy a picnic in the town’s park, which is also located on Main Street.

World War II enthusiasts will be interested to know that Clearmont once housed a German prisoner of war camp. Prisoners were allowed to work in the fields growing and harvesting beets.

Today, Clearmont boasts several small businesses that provide the basics and a few surprises.

The Best Kept Secret on New York Avenue offers an expansive selection of fabric and does a booming online business. Nearby in Ucross is the Ucross Foundation, a renowned artist residency program.


Town of Clearmont

  • 142 total residents
  • Male: 64
  • Female: 78
  • Under 18: 43
  • Largest age group: 50-64: 40

Town of Arvada

  • 43 total residents
  • Male: 26
  • Female: 17
  • Under 18: 5
  • Largest age group: 35-46: 18