By Rindy West

As the Development Director at the Sheridan Senior Center, I wholeheartedly believe that Sheridan is a place rich in destinations.  Those destinations are varied and bountiful and why I believe Sheridan attracts people from all over the globe to visit, and for many even to relocate.   

At the center, we get to meet and greet people, who in their travels from coast to coast, come to Sheridan and stop off for a bite of lunch in our bubbly dining room.  We enjoy being able to tell them about the uniqueness that is Sheridan.

My son just came home from middle school with a homework lesson on the themes of geography.  Those themes include:  location (where it is); place (an area that is defined by everything in it, things that distinguish one place from another); region (an area defined by certain similar characteristics); movement (refers to the way people, products, information and ideas move from one place to another); and human environment and interaction (looks at the relationships between people and their environment).

All of these themes are represented in Sheridan, but to me it is a “place” more than any other.  The distinct characteristics and flavor, such as the history that is intertwined throughout Sheridan, can be seen at destinations like The Brinton or King Ropes museums, and the polo games at the Equestrian Center add spirit that is not found everywhere.  Any given city in the nation is unique, with certain histories or landscape that make it an enriching spot to visit, but Sheridan is one I would say is “more.”  Only in Sheridan can you take in a concert in Kendrick Park, an Indian Relay Race at the WYO Rodeo and a scenic 5-mile run all in one day.  Only in Sheridan can you snowmobile the top of the Bighorn Mountains during the day and visit a big city vaudevillian show at the WYO Theater by night.

I completely enjoy the ability to go for a jaunt on one of our many walking paths and also the opportunity to visit a battlefield such as the Wagon Box from many years past.  Sheridan is a place that hosts beautiful art on its streets, in its shops and in its workplaces.

I gladly take in as many of these places as I possibly can, but for me my most special Sheridan place is one where I find peace, tranquility and a sense of harmony.  That place for me is right along the creek bank at our house.  It is a spot that when I hear the water rippling by and the soft whisper of the willow trees I subdue.  It’s a spot that when I can see the horses grazing and can visibly feel the warm sun sifting through the trees on a fall afternoon that I feel Sheridan is simply the most beautiful place on earth.  I’m so glad to call Sheridan home.

By |Nov. 6, 2014|

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