Meet Teka Brock. A homegrown girl from West Glendive, Mont., Brock came to Sheridan for the rodeo and stayed for the music. As lead singer, manager and booking agent for the Teka Brock Band, along with many other hats she wears, Brock keeps busy but stays connected to the artistic community in Sheridan that has allowed her to live her dreams.

How long have you been singing?

I started singing when I was a little girl with my mom, Kaleen, and sister, Mika.
We were home schooled and mom played guitar, so we always had music class.
We also listened to the AM radio while we saddled horses, fed cows and while
in the pickup headed to town. Mika and I also played our folks’ old records
every chance we could. Our favorites were old Dolly Parton records and Marty

How long have you been in Sheridan?

I first moved to Sheridan in the fall of 1999. I received a rodeo scholarship to
attend Sheridan College and my sister was already here going through the dental
hygiene program and rodeoing. Since then I have been in and out of Sheridan
until 2008 when I moved here permanently after a series of moves
including living in Montana for a year, attending the University of Wyoming
on another rodeo scholarship and living and working in Gillette for a while.

How long has the Teka Brock Band been together?

We have been performing for almost six years now. We formed in Story when I was living there. I met a couple folks who wanted to play and sing and I had known Jarod Judd, the bassist, through my cousin Kaci. I just kind of told him “we are starting a band and we have a gig in a couple weeks.” It was so silly because we had no set lists, hadn’t really played at all and didn’t have any equipment, but it all worked out the way it should have.

What was your favorite performance to date?
It’s a toss up. We really loved playing at the Red Ants Pants Music Festival in
White Sulphur Springs, Mont., this past summer, but we also really love the
Mangy Moose in Teton Village. We always enjoy the local venues like Black
Tooth Brewing Company, Third Thursday Street Fest, Big West Art Fest and
Warehouse 201. We get a lot of support from our hometown, which gives us
momentum to play well.

What would you tell an aspiring singer hoping to make it big?

Just be true to what you like to play and sing. Hold onto your roots, don’t let
others mold you into something you won’t like later on. People listening will
respect you and enjoy you more when they can tell you love what you play
and sing.

What is your favorite thing about Sheridan?

I love the Western town feel but yet the artistry that comes out of Sheridan.
It is very eclectic; everyone has his or her own style of art and music. I love
that we have mountains and lakes and Badlands, that the Sheridan-Wyo-
Rodeo is such a huge event and then everyone can put their white pants on
and come out and watch polo in Big Horn for the day. The people who live
in this area are tough but compassionate. I love the history of the
country as well.
What’s new and what’s next for TBB?

We got a new guitar player in December, Taylor Phillips from Sheridan. He
also sings and he joined me, Jarod Judd on bass and vocals and Fred Serna on
drums. Our third album is out this spring, and we just want to thank Sheridan
for all their support.