SHERIDAN — While Katie Medill’s profession includes teaching, she said she especially loves learning.

“I love people,” Medill said. “I enjoy working with and learning from adults and kids alike. I like taking part in making Sheridan an even better and safer place for kids to grow up.”

Her efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.

Medill, 32, works at Sheridan Junior High School and is in her 11th year teaching seventh-grade reading and writing.

Those who know her, speak highly of her.

“I had the pleasure of working with and learning from Mrs. Medill for nine years at SJHS,” said Mitch Craft, former SJHS principal and current Sheridan County School District 2 assistant superintendent for curriculum and assessment. “As a teacher, Katie is the total package. She builds positive relationships with her students, collaborates effectively with her colleagues and contributes to the positive culture of the school.

“Katie knows all of her students’ learning needs, whether they be advanced or struggling, and plans her teaching to address all learners,” Craft continued. “Her classroom is such a positive place, with high levels of student engagement and a comfortable atmosphere. Any educator who has worked with Katie knows they are better because of her, and her students over the years have benefited immeasurably.”

Medill has lived in Sheridan for 11 years and while neither she nor her husband are from the area originally, they met during a summer job at Paradise Ranch.

“We loved the area, the Sheridan community in particular, and so after I finished college back east, we moved here to settle,” she said.

She’s done many things, but few would call it settling.

She plays in the Sheridan College Symphony Orchestra and she and her husband support and volunteer with several local nonprofits. Organizations benefiting from Medill’s time and dedication include Legacy Pregnancy Center, KLife and Bought Beautifully. She also helps with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at the junior high school and initiated a recent revision to the school district’s maternity and family leave policy.

“I’m passionate about reading, so I participate in a book club as well as host a junior high girls book club,” Medill said.

She works hard, has fun and emphasizes learning.

Emily Betzler met Medill shortly after moving to Sheridan. Betzler said she started a mentorship program through her church matching young girls with older women. Betzler noted that Medill was very thoughtful in considering whether to sign up.

“She doesn’t commit until she knows that she can and has a plan of what it will look like,” Betzler said. “She was really thoughtful and a really good mentor.”

Betzler added that Medill is very humble, but incredibly hard working, especially when it comes to her students.

 “I’ve seen her so many times, outside of the classroom, going above and beyond for her students,” Betzler said. “It isn’t something she gets a lot of recognition for, but she goes outside of the classroom to care for her students.”

Betzler also noted that Medill is the total package — funny, smart and kind.