SHERIDAN — Travis Fack’s day job is working for the Bighorn National Forest. But if you know Fack, his skill set is as varied as the hobbies you’ll find him pursuing.

Fack works in special uses, which means he works with private improvements on national forest lands. For example, he works with resorts, ski resorts, communication sites and other projects.

“Travis Fack is a jack-of-all trades for the Bighorn National Forest,” said Dave McKee, recreation, heritage and wilderness program manager with the U.S. Forest Service. “His primary responsibility is to administer or assist in administering a broad range of recreation and non-recreation special use permits including lodges, ski resorts, communication sites and land uses.

“Travis is also active in the wildfire organization; he performs firefighting duties on and off the Bighorn,” McKee continued. “During the summer, Travis conducts condition surveys for developed recreation sites and in winter serves on the snowmobile patrol staff.”

McKee said Fack goes above and beyond.

“In addition to his many directed duties, Travis finds time to volunteer on numerous employee committees including the Bighorn’s Green Team, which looks for ways to increase energy efficiencies in forest operations,” he said.

He was born and raised in Sheridan, though, and you’ll often find him working to improve the community that raised him through a number of activities that often aren’t recognized. He participates in public education efforts through the Bighorn National Forest and serves as a member of the Sheridan Church of Christ.

“I’ve been friends with him for quite awhile,” said Dennis Jacobs, who attends the same church as Fack. “At the church, he does song leading and things like that. He has two small girls so they go to the children’s classes and his wife, Morgan, helps teach those sometimes.”

Jacobs noted that Fack’s parents also attend the church, so the entire family is pretty involved.

He’s volunteered his time on a number of projects, including installing playground equipment and other tasks. Earlier this year, he volunteered along with six church groups and 18 organizations to construct new playground equipment at Woodland Park Village.

Talented in photography, he’s volunteered his time and talent to help local organizations pro bono or at discounted rates.

He’s also always available to lend a hand to friends working on any number of improvement projects, whether it be in their homes or businesses.

“He’s just a great friend,” Jacobs said. “He’s a really humble guy and he’s the kind of guy that will always make time to help you with a project. Whether you’re sheet rocking your basement or whatever it is you need. If he has time to help, he will.”

Fack also recently started roasting his own coffee — a hobby that has found a following amongst his friends.