Some 150 citizens plus witnessed a dose of local history Monday afternoon. It was the groundbreaking of the forthcoming North Main Interstate 90 interchange. It’ll be transformational.

There will be new businesses in the retail and hospitality industries. New industry will be attracted or will expand, given better transportation access. Give it, say, five years, a new elementary school will be built and will likely be the envy of Montana and Wyoming schools. With a school, comes housing, parks and other green spaces. Places to “put in” water craft will be engineered as well, providing recreation.

Gov. Matt Mead addressed the crowd and echoed many of the comments — it was generations in the making, to remedy a flawed design that dated to the early 1960s. That the cooperation of land owners, local government and private business expedited the project. Obstacles had to be overcome. Patience and persistence, that sort of thing. Local “partners,” so it was said often, joined with engineers from the state and engineers from WYDOT in a mutual recognition of potential and common good. In a word, visionary.

Tom Kinnison was cited, among many. He’s been a consistent and earnest supporter from his experiences in private business, the Legislature and in developing Sheridan as a community. (I remember on Day One when I became publisher of the Press, he took me to the Wrench Ranch area and explained the problem and the opportunity with this highway interchange.)

The construction is a $50 million endeavor. “Trickle-down” economic drivers will be considerable — housing and feeding work crews for example. It’s the second-largest reconstruction project in the history of WYDOT, runner-up to the successful project a few years ago on Togwotee Pass.

Good on Sheridan.


Tip of the Hat!

Ronda Holwell leads the public affairs division of the local WYDOT. Monday afternoon, she and her crew welcomed Gov. Mead, his staff, state board of transportation members, elected officials, local citizens, etcetera. No small feat.

WYDOT vehicles were lined around the reconstruction site, shovels at the ready for that first toss of dirt. Sunshine and a shady place to commemorate the day. Well done.


From the I-Know-This-Sounds-Like-An-Ad, file……….

Sunday morning brunch at the Bistro inside The Brinton is a delight. Good food, spectacular views. The peach cobbler Sunday morning was remindful of mother’s; the macaroons qualify for the “best five” in the whole wide world list. Tasty, this.



“Sheridan is blessed.”

­— Truman Ropes Good, one of the speakers Monday afternoon at the North Main interchange groundbreaking citing the area’s history and future.