Sheridan City Planning Commission
Meeting Agenda
7 p.m. Monday
City Council Chambers, City Hall

• Call to order and roll call of members
• Approval agenda as presented
• Review, correction and approval of minutes of the Aug 8 meeting
• Old business
• New business
• Consideration of PL-15-28: Phoenix Subdivision
A. a request to subdivide 21,000 square feet from 2 lots into 3 lots
B. zoned R-3 Residential district
C. located at 1211 and 1229 North Gould Street, west of Broadway Street
• Comments from commissioners and staff
• Adjourn

Sheridan County Commission
9 a.m. Monday

Staff Meeting with Selected Department Heads

Sheridan County Juvenile Justice Joint Powers Board
Sheridan County Courthouse
Second Floor Public Meeting Room
5:30 p.m. Tuesday

• Meeting called to order
• Approval of the agenda
• Approval of the July 2016 minutes
• Approval of the July 2016 vouchers for payment
• Financial report
• Juvenile Justice Joint Powers Board staff reports
A. Juvenile probation report
B. Diversion and truancy probation report
C. Milestones Youth Home
D. Court ordered UA/BA reports
E. Administrator report
• Old business
• New business
• Executive session

Tongue River Valley Joint Powers Board
General Meeting
7 p.m. Thursday
Lucille Alley Room, Dayton Town Hall

Meeting Facilitator: Peter Clark
Members: Karen Walters, Peter Clark, Randy Sundquist, Eric Lofgren, Joey Shelley
• Call to order
• Approval of minutes of July 21 meeting
• Approval of agenda
• Old business
• New business
A. pay bills
B. WWC project status update
• Public communique
• Adjournment