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SHERIDAN — We live in a world ruled by technology.

Everyday, people habitually check Facebook profiles, play games on their cellphones and use other apps  But, for the most part, people have no idea how these programs work. One local resident wants to change that.

Sheridan resident Alex Moran has set up a free program that he hopes will teach and educate locals on the language of tech. The program is called Free Code Camp Sheridan. And, just as the title indicates, it offers free coding classes to area residents who want to learn the finer aspects of writing code.

“It’s still in the beginning stages, but I am really excited about it,” Moran said.

For Free Code Camp Sheridan, people can drop in whenever they are available and learn code from Moran and other local coders who are proficient in the subject. Those attending the class can learn at their own pace. While going through the program, they will write code to help nonprofits around the country. While the group meets in person, people can work on coding online outside the class as well.

Along the way, those going through the courses will earn certificates certifying proficiency, which is based on the number of hours of coding required. There are four steps to the program, with the highest certification taking 2,080 hours of coding, which translates to roughly a year of full-time work.

“We will be building a bunch of projects, so by the time they are done, they will have an entire portfolio to get a job with as well,” Moran said.

“If people are looking for a career change or to earn a job in this, they will be completely ready by the time they reach the end of the course,” he added.

And there is no shortage of jobs in the technology industry.

It’s quickly becoming a necessary skill for anyone wanting to work with computers, Moran said. Additionally, coding is taught in local schools. At Sheridan County School District 2, coding lessons have been implemented in many after-school programs.

“It’s a growing industry and there is a huge demand for people who know how to learn coding,” Moran said. “There are around 700,000 jobs around the country that need people who can code, but only around 50,000 people who will go into computer science within the next five years. So there is a huge gap there.”

Moran said writing code isn’t as intimidating as it may appear. The concepts are essentially the same as any other language that people speak; each line of code has different verbs, nouns, etc. The only difference is that instead of speaking to another person, a person speaks to the computer.

“It’s really a good way to learn a new language of sorts,” Moran said. “… It’s also a good way for the community to get together and work on projects. I know as a coder I find it hard to find people who know how to code to work on projects with. I’m doing this entirely on a volunteer basis.”

Free Code Camp Sheridan will hold its first meeting June 6 at the Sheridan County Fulmer Public Library.

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