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It’s a welcome sound from an airline seat, “Welcome to Sheridan.” There were several “first-timers” aboard the Denver Air Connection flight into Sheridan Tuesday at noon.

Patrick Henderson talked about visiting family near Colorado Springs. Frank Rotellini, a “veteran” DAC traveler, was returning from Arizona for some work at the Sheridan College Foundation. Jack Pelissier was coming back from a family vacation in Fiji (“go to Hawaii and turn south”) where he caught a shark. I was returning from a spring break visit with our daughter in Colorado. The DAC has been serving Sheridan and Johnson counties since November 2015.

The flight into Sheridan was right on the money. On time; well, early in fact. One hour from DIA which is almost in Kansas. Courteous personnel at the counter and in flight. The plane — I’m a bit of a “germaphobe” — was spotless. New, wide seats. No clanks and clatter. Must say, every time I climbed aboard the previous air carrier into Sheridan there was doubt if I was going to be able to get a return trip given so many cancellations and the planes were grimy, worn. (Think “Casablanca” when the DC-3 sputters and cranks up at the end of the film when Humphrey Bogart tells Ingrid Bergman, “Here’s looking at you, kid.”) Digressing, alas.

Some 20-plus were aboard. Residents and tourists. There were free soft drinks, hearty (free) snacks and it was a positive flying experience. (It felt like a first class seat and no need to beat it down the interstate for two hours.)

Good stuff, this.


Of travel to Denver via Denver Air Connection…..

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Nobody asked me, but……

• There’s upset at President Obama visiting Cuba and watching a baseball game ‘tween the Tampa Bay Rays and the Cuban National Team. How Cuba’s a communist country, a repressive regime, with government-controlled media, human rights abuses. Etcetera. Well, then. What about the NFL wanting to play a game in China in 2018? China’s exports to the U.S. — flooring, toys and such — are frequently toxic, their tariffs unfair. (My mother, the school teacher, always called it “Red China.”)

• Sarah Palin and Chris Christie’s endorsements of Donald Trump’s campaign were intended to recall the good ole days of “straight shooters” in politics — folks like Nixon, LBJ, George Wallace.

• Trump’s speeches — before they turn violent — look like a Friar’s Club roast. One writer noted that if a protestor really wanted to get under his skin, consider an anti-Trump sign that calls out his infinite vanity. Something like: “You’ve put on weight.”


Come Saturday, Robbie Smith hosts best-selling Wyoming author C.J. Box at Sheridan Stationery, Books and Gallery right there in the heart of our Main Street. He’ll sign books and visit with an always-friendly readership starting at 3 p.m. Box’s latest Joe Pickett mystery, “Off the Grid,” is featured at the store.

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