SHERIDAN — Is the “senioritis” and winter season dragging you down? Do you feel like the world has been so “blah” lately? Is time going by so slow? Here are a few quick and easy steps to make your last semester in 2016 more enjoyable and more “yay” than “nay.”

Seniors — we all know that graduation is just a few, quick months way. A lot is on your plate; planning your future is freaky. Let some stress out, try this:

1. Sing and dance in the shower. Use caution.

2. Jam to some crazy throwback tunes in your car (alone or with friends).

3. Take a day just for yourself (get LOTS of sleep), and by that, emphasis on “one.”

4. Eat some peanut butter right from the jar… with your finger. Unless you’re allergic to peanuts, then maybe do it with Nutella, unless you don’t like chocolate… Then just eat something right out of the jar. Get crazy.

5. Be nice to others.

6. Stay in school; eat your vegetables, drink lots of water; and be a jolly fellow.

Seniors — you’re almost there, all you need to do now is finish second semester out strong. YOU CAN DO IT, WOO! The rest of you? Well, you’ll be done … eventually.

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Editors Note: This article originally appeared in the Sheridan High School newspaper, The Ocksheperida.

By Bailey Carlin, Sheridan High School