Sheridan County Commission

9 a.m. Monday

Second floor Commission Library

Sheridan County Courthouse

224 S. Main St.

• Call to order

• Staff/elected positions

• Adjourn

Clearmont Town Council

6 p.m. Monday

Clearmont Town Hall

• Call to order

• Pledge

• Attendance

• Visitors

• Approval of minutes

A. Nov. 16 water main project public meeting

B. Nov. 16 regular meeting

• Report of treasure and approval of bills

A. November 2015 bills

• Reports of mayor, council and clerk

A. Mayor — DEQ landfill meeting, landfill methane gas monitor, WAM Conference Call – Wyoming budget, sewer lining under railroad tracks, WAM Winter Workshop

B. Council

C. Clerk — revenue/expenditure report, cap tax spreadsheet

D. Maintenance

• Unfinished business

A. Ordinance #109 – An ordinance adopting the Clearmont, Wyoming Town Code

• New business

• Next meeting — Jan. 18, 2016

• Adjourn

Sheridan City Council

7 p.m. Monday

Sheridan City Hall

55 Grinnell St.

• Call to order

• Pledge of Allegiance

• Invocation to be given by Scott Lee, Bethesda Worship Center

• Roll call of members

• Approval of agenda

• Consent agenda

A. Minutes of regular council meeting, Dec. 7, 2015

B. Claims

C. Liquor dealer request for extended hours special days year 2016

D. Appointment of Alex Lee to SAWSJPB

• Communications from Junior Council

• Staff update

• Old business

• New business

• Comments from the council and the public