SHERIDAN — ZeeMee, founded by Juan Jaysingh and Adam Metcalf, a former Sheridan High School teacher, is a free online profile that showcases a student’s hobbies, skills and accomplishments to colleges so that they may get a better view of the student beyond statistics and test scores. The site also connects students with college representatives.

  SHS senior Cheyenne Buyert had the opportunity to represent the company and travel with the ZeeMee team to New York on Sept. 7-11 to be a part of Fox News Channel’s morning show Fox & Friends.

  The purpose of the trip was to promote ZeeMee, attend business meetings and form connections.

  “It was so cool to be in the studios and meet the Fox & Friends reporters,” Buyert said.

  Of the many highlights of the trip, Buyert explained that having lunch with the biggest financial investor in Russia and touring the city were among some of the best parts.

  Buyert plans to attend Princeton University for dance after high school and feels that working with ZeeMee has and will continue to assist her in achieving her goal. Buyert said a lot of colleges have acknowledged her ZeeMee profile and it is definitely worth creating an account.

  ZeeMee has opened a wide variety of opportunities for this senior, from employment (she was offered a job with the company and will work with them in California this summer) to providing an array of skills including communication and professionalism that will help her in her future.

  Of the entire ZeeMee experience, Buyert says, “I loved it. The whole team is amazing and they totally spoiled me. I’m so grateful for these opportunities!”

  Not only is ZeeMee a tool to use for applying to colleges, it can also be included on job applications.

Because ZeeMee shows who someone is as an individual rather than just a student, it proves to be very versatile in its uses. Buyert said she will be using her ZeeMee page as a resume in the future as well.

This website is a resource for students of all ages and grade levels.

By Maddi Raymond, Sheridan High School