SHERIDAN — Sheridan’s vibrant arts scene will soon get another makeover as the former Hallmark building in downtown Sheridan is closer to renovations.

The Sheridan Economic and Educational Development Authority Joint Powers board approved $200,000 in matching funds Tuesday to go along with a Wyoming Business Council grant application to improve the Hallmark building, located adjacent to the WYO Theater on Main Street. This is the second phase of the project and the entire grant amount being requested is $2 million.

The project consists of restoring the Hallmark building to good use by improving the structural integrity and restoring many of the unique features of the turn-of-the-century building. The first and the third floor of the building will be finished, while the second floor would be finished at a later date.

The Hallmark building would then be used by both the WYO Theater and the Sheridan College performing arts program. After the process is complete, the city will own and  allow organizations to utilize the building. Similar processes have been completed with the Sheridan Senior Center and the WYO Theater.

The entire renovation is expected to take more than two years to complete. Approval of the grant request is expected to be determined in June 2016.