There’s a saying out there — I’m not sure how official the saying is, but it’s out there — that you don’t talk these things with your friends: religion, politics and sports. I’ve tried talking all of these things with my buddies, and it’s horrible.

I enjoy debating, firing up my friends when I purposely talk smack about their favorite teams. Guys, Reggie Miller was definitely better than Michael Jordan.

But these debates usually become heated, nobody wins and everyone is frustrated.

However, these are things we need to talk about and things we love to talk about. It’s water cooler talk.

While I won’t get started on the first two of the three topics, I could obviously talk about sports all day. That’s why I came up with an idea I’d like to try with my spot here in the Wednesday issues of The Sheridan Press.

And I’d like to involve the loyal readers that pick up these issues to read my columns each week.

I want to start a mailbag, a way for you to ask me your burning questions.

It’s a way for me to talk about the topics you want me to talk about; it’s a way for me to vent, rant and rave about anything and everything.

Your questions can be local sports questions: How does Coy Steel’s knee injury affect the Sheridan Broncs moving forward?

It obviously hurts them. Not only is Steel a playmaker, he plays four positions for the Broncs — safety, wide receiver, kick and punt returner. Sheridan is one of the smaller 4A schools, so losing anybody hurts them.

Luckily, I think this year’s Sheridan team is very mature and experienced. Their core group of guys should pick up the slack, and they should all come together to push on. They’re still contenders, definitely. It’s a discouraging loss — for both a good kid like Steel and a good football team like Sheridan — but hopefully they can use it to fuel an already fired-up team.

Your questions can take on the professional ranks: Jason Pierre-Paul blew off some fingers during a fireworks accident. What does that mean for him and the Giants?

The sports higher-ups tend to think this is a drastic thing. I get it. You obviously don’t want one of your veteran players hurting himself screwing around with fireworks.

It’s a bizarre injury and one that could have easily been avoided. I mean, JPP, don’t stand there with an M-80 in your hand, dude.

But does it really hurt him? Rumor has it he lost his index finger and part of his thumb. I’m no doctor. Can you not recover from that? This is the perfect time to bring up the importance of form tackling. Just wrap them up. He’s going to have a hard time bringing down a quarterback with two fingers, anyway, so why does it matter.

Jim Abbott threw a no-hitter with one arm. USC has a blind long snapper. JPP can surely play with 8.5 fingers.

You can ask me weird questions I probably don’t know the answer to but will try to answer anyway: Leonardo DiCaprio has never won an Oscar for best male lead. Will he ever?

Leo is the man. He will definitely win it at some point. But if he doesn’t, that might be even better. The best actor with the most Oscar snubs? He deserves a separate Oscar for that. Just keep popping bottles on a yacht with models.

Leo will be fine.

So, if you have any burning questions, any comments on the world around us — sports or otherwise — I’d love to hear them.

I’ll do a mailbag as often as good questions come in. The more outside the box, the better.

Send your questions to