SHERIDAN — Local residents took to marching through the streets of Baltimore last week for the 97th American Legion National Convention.

Corps Manager Wayne Hoff said part of the convention was the American Legion National Parade, in which the 7th Cavalry Drum and Bugle Corps played a major part.

“We went down there and led the Wyoming contingent in the national parade,” Hoff said.

The local members returned Wednesday from the convention, which went from Aug. 28 to today, the morning of the band competitions.

But they heard if they had stayed they would have led the competition.

“We had several people tell us ‘If you guys would have been in the competition you would have won it,’” Hoff said. “Which is all nice to hear, whether it’s true or not I don’t know.”

While most of the group flew from Billings, Montana, to Baltimore, one member had the job of transporting equipment across the country.

Conrad Namtvedt made the cross-country trip, driving 26-hours each way. That was done simply to save money on shipping the group’s instruments across country.

“I do a lot of driving, I do that a lot,” Namtvedt said. “I’m over a million miles, I know that for a fact.”

He said they had to rise the money themselves, which took two years to fund.

“We had to raise $55,000 to get there,” Hoff said. “That’s not something we can do every year.”

Baltimore wasn’t the first stop for the Drum and Bugle Corps, and it won’t be the last.

“We hope we can (go) to the 100th anniversary of the American Legion, 2019 and it will be where it was held originally in St. Louis,” Namtvedt said.