SHERIDAN — When compared to towns across the state, Sheridan has been named one of the best places to retire in Wyoming. Smartasset released its study, comparing cities in three areas — tax-friendliness, medical care and social life — and placed Sheridan in fourth place overall.

At 16.3 percent, the number of seniors in Sheridan County exceeds Wyoming’s average by close to 4 percent. In multiple categories, Sheridan outperforms the state with more doctors, recreation centers and retirement centers per 1,000 people.

Lois Bell, the communications director at the Senior Center, said she feels the scenery draws people in just as much as the services.

Although people may have many reasons to retire in Sheridan, Bell said, the location and community provides many opportunities that are hard to duplicate elsewhere.

“Sheridan is very manageable to get around,” she said. “It’s not overwhelming like larger cities can be.”

Mobility becomes easier with services such as the mini-bus, which provides transportation throughout Sheridan and the surrounding areas.

Other amenities like the Senior Center’s Help-at-Home program allow for more independence as well. Often services are a collaborative effort, as the Senior Center works with the hospital and public health to provide programs that appeal to Sheridan’s retired community.

Along with the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce the Senior Center also acts as a resource for information.

“[These services] might not be the driving source,” Bell said, “but they definitely discover it once they’re here.”

While Sheridan hit spot nine in the tax category, it jumped to fifth place in recreation and social.

Bell noted that the arts community and historic background in the town helps draws people into the area.

There is still room for improvement though. Currently the Senior Center is wanting to implement a health initiative and healthy living program.

Sheridan was ranked behind Powell, Lander and Cody, which landed first place.