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By Dave Munsick

We’re all real proud of our town, and with good reason. We have the perfect sized place to live in where most of us know the people that we want to know.

We have access to an airport, a college, an award winning YMCA, a superb library system, forward thinking politicians, tangible history, limitless outdoor recreation possibilities, and — most of all — we are inhabited by great people.

Our population is not only friendly but talented It has always amazed me that a town of under 20,000 can produce so many artists who excel in so many different genres.

While I can’t pretend to have much of a clue as a critic of literature, acting or fine art, I will say that I am vastly proud of what our local writers, sculptors, thespians and painters produce.

Check out a play at the Carriage House or the WYO Theater. Take a cruise down Main Street and find some of the top notch products that are displayed on the shelves and walls of the shops downtown.
Remember, too, that most of what you see is being shown inside of museums and retail outlets in other towns and states as well. How lucky are we that we can lay claim to this sector of the art field?
Musically speaking, please allow me to comment about how special our town is.

Music speaks to me in its own way and on its own terms. It wakes me up. It lays me down. It lets me know when I’m on a roll. It tells me when things are falling apart. In short, music is how I think. That being said, have you ever thought about the musical genres that we are privileged to listen to in Sheridan?

I don’t mean hacks, either. Good, solid, heartfelt, top-notch stuff is what I’m talking about.
Let me give you some examples of some of the shows that I have seen that jump out in my memory.
The WYO Theater, our Main Street gem, continues to offer us country (Garth Brooks, Chris Ledoux, Ian Tyson, Asleep at the Wheel), folk (Colcannon, Michael Martin Murphey, Spencer Borden), jazz (Ronnie Bedford, Chris Brubeck, Larry Vuckovich), bluegrass (Rhonda Vincent, Edgar Myer, Mark O’Connor), classical (Karen Clift, The Met Live, Ara Sarkissian), and this list could go on for pages. Most of these folks are national touring acts. Some of them are locals. Some are both.

Other venues around town have shown us more types of local and national talent than can be listed. Just remember to poke your head into or look at the marquee on the Trail End, The Beaver Creek Saloon, Sheridan College, the WYO Theater, the Carriage House, the Kalif Shrine, My Buddy’s Place, The Sheridan County Fairrounds, The Java Moon, Lucinda’s, the Elks, the Eagles, “Third Thursday,” the Christmas Stroll, the Smoke House, Rodeo Street Dance, the Sheridan Center, the Sheridan Inn, The Holiday Inn and lots of other places that I can’t get my head to remember right now. Sheridan is a happening place. Go check it out!

And remember. You — Sheridan — are the reason that live art possible in our town.
Good on you!

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