SHERIDAN — As teachers, parents and kids gear up for a new school year, preliminary numbers show an increase in enrollment for the local school districts.

The largest local district, Sheridan County School District 2 (Sheridan) is expecting an increase in enrollment, but numbers are affected by multiple factors said Scott Stults, the district’s director of elementary education.

School won’t kick off until Tuesday, which is later than normal for SCSD2. Stults said that with Labor Day coming up, some parents wait to enroll their children. This is a common trend for SCSD2, specifically with elementary students.

Additionally, some kids who are counted in Infinite Campus — SCSD2’s management system — may have moved, but the district counts them until confirmation of a move is received or for 10 days before dropping the student.

In some cases, the reverse happens where students move in while being added to the total count.

With that in mind, Stults estimated that SCSD2’s final numbers will show growth at the elementary level and likely for the middle and high school as well.

“The number [of students leaving] does not near equate to the numbers of families moving in,” he said.

The growing trend will eventually lead to a new elementary school. The land has been purchased by the district, but Stults doesn’t expect the district to move on the construction for another six to seven years.

At this point, Stults said 1,732 students are enrolled in SCSD2 elementary schools, 16 students are predicted to attend Story School, the junior high has 709 enrolled, Fort Mackenzie and the Wright Place have 44 total and 986 students are signed up to attend Sheridan High School.

For Sheridan County School District 1 (Tongue River/Big Horn), numbers have also increased. In June, 949 students enrolled districtwide. On Monday, that number reached 968.

Slight drops in registration occurred at Tongue River High School, from 129 to 127, and at Big Horn Middle School, from 123 to 115.

Most schools in SCSD1 saw a small bump in total enrollment and overall SCSD1 has seen a steady increase year to year in its total headcount.

This pattern of growth also continues for Sheridan’s smallest district. Sheridan County School District 3 (Arvada/Clearmont) has seen enrollment grow from ending the 2014-2015 school year with 85 students to an enrollment of 92 students for the district this fall.