Coincide, defined: It’s what you do when it’s raining.


A polite young man, Mason Mayfield, dropped by The Sheridan Press offices Wednesday afternoon and did something unusual. Instead of asking for money — I, in fact, started the conversation with a friendly, “How much?” — he replied, instead, with a gracious invitation to the Sheridan County Livestock Sale Aug. 3.

Young Mr. Mayfield, member of the Sheridan County 4-H, has three animals in the show and sale. It’s at the county fairgrounds beginning at 4 p.m.


Some 4-H history.

A.B. Graham started a youth program in Clark County, Ohio in 1902. It’s considered the birth of 4-H in the U.S. The first club was called “The Tomato Club,” or the “Corn Growing Club.” T.A. Erickson of Douglas County, Minnesota started local agricultural after-school clubs and fairs that same year. Jessie Field Shambaugh developed the clover pin shape with an H on each leaf in 1910. By 1912, they were called 4-H clubs.

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I see by the paper…..

Former Secretary of State James Baker was the subject of an interesting profile and interview in a recent edition of Texas Monthly magazine. Baker was President Ronald Reagan’s Chief of Staff; he was President George H.W. Bush’s Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State. Baker, 85, made his bones as a “fixer” in national GOP politics. The story was about a time when Washington “worked.” To wit:

  • Baker says the “wrench” in governing, the hyper bipartisanship, has a genesis in redistricting congressional districts. “A political game that makes governing difficult.” Predictably, districts tilt either way, Democrat or Republican, and the result “hollows out the middle” of the political spectrum, the place “where you govern.”
  • Fox News and MSNBC are outlets that pour gasoline on the fire. Each probably feels they are the “counterweight” to the other, but what they do is spin their viewers farther to the edges.
  • President Reagan knew how to get things done, he asserts, by working with all sides toward a common middle ground. He notes that Sen. Ted Cruz, who invokes his spirit as a guiding light, has a shallow understanding of his presidency.



“I just read that last year, 4,213,217 people got married. I don’t want to start any trouble, but shouldn’t that be an even number?

Will Farrell, American actor/comedian/writer


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