SHERIDAN — The world of online movie and TV streaming has quickly turned into a billion-dollar business, and two Sheridan residents are looking to tap into that market with their own innovative product.

Spencer Kuzara and Jacob Martin are the owners and creators of a new TV and movie streaming TV box called MovieNight, a product they say rivals the biggest and best online streaming services and cable TV services currently on the market.

Using just a small device — roughly the size of a hockey puck — that plugs into a television using an HDMI cord, a person can watch several channels of live TV and have endless on-demand movie possibilities available to him.

The product turns almost any TV into a smart TV.

It works much like the popular online streaming service Roku, but with the addition of live TV. All one needs is a wireless Internet connection and a television nearby and all of the customizable channels are available wherever they go.

“We do kind of the same thing as Roku, except we just do it bigger and better,” Kuzara said.

It’s been their side project for the past year and a half. Kuzara started MovieNight as a way to customize his own personal television viewing. But when Kuzara told Martin about his new program, Martin immediately saw the business potential.

“We were just tired of things like Netflix, cable TV and other services like that,” Martin said. “Since (Kuzara) had something better, we wanted to do things our own way.”

“I think people are tired of paying for 500 channels and they only watch three of them,” Kuzara added.

Working primarily out of their homes, Kuzara and Martin spent hundreds of hours coding and perfecting their product for sale. Eventually the owners found investors and were able to officially launch MovieNight earlier this week.

Both owners are working other jobs to make ends meet while they work to get their product off of the ground.

“We aren’t even taking a paycheck on this yet,” Kuzara said. “We are putting whatever we make off of it back into the bank account in order to grow it.”

While their business is still in its infancy, Kuzara and Martin have had success. They said they have had a 100 percent sales rate to the nearly 40 people they have pitched MovieNight to thus far.

They say their product works “automagically;” operating on a simple, clean interface that allows anyone to use MovieNight.

“It’s one of those things that people have to see to believe,” Martin said. “Every one we sell we have to go to their house and show it to them. Once they see it, it’s sold.”

Once the two entrepreneurs make enough revenue and their product gains enough momentum, they hope to turn MovieNight into their full-time job. They currently own a small office on Main Street used primarily to program their product and show prospective customers how it works.

They are keying into the Sheridan market to get their product up and running, but they hope to sell MovieNight online soon through their website

“It’s been one of those things that it’s been a lot of work with not a lot of reward,” Kuzara said. “But now, it’s about ready for prime time.”