SHERIDAN — Thanks to a growing population, Sheridan County gained one full retail liquor license, available immediately.

The 2010 U.S. Census estimated Sheridan County has 10,237 individuals living outside town or city limits, and, per state statute, the Wyoming Liquor Division must issue one license per 500 residents within five years of the Census releasing population figures.

The Sheridan County commissioners awarded 19 full retail liquor licenses at their April 7 meeting. Those interested in the 20th license must apply by June 30, 2015. To be eligible, businesses must sit at least 5 miles outside any town or city limits, including Sheridan, Dayton, Ranchester or Clearmont. The cost will range from $1,000 to $1,666, an annual price mandated by state law.

Sheridan County Deputy Clerk Sarah Myers said, as of Wednesday afternoon, no businesses had applied for the new license.

When awarding licenses in April, a couple county commissioners questioned whether all 19 establishments actually used the permits. Only two of the businesses were listed as non-operational at that time.

“There are a couple places that have been either closed or are not really operating as they had been in the past for a considerable length of time,” Commissioner Terry Cram said in April.

Since Myers joined the clerk’s office in October 2010, she said several individuals have come in and inquired about a full retail liquor license. However, since the county does not keep a waiting list, it’s difficult to track how many individuals expressed interest over the last few years.

“I have had people since I have been here, yes, ask about retail liquor licenses. And I’ve had to tell them we don’t have any available,” she said.