SHERIDAN — After only four and a half years the Black Tooth Brewing Company has become a staple in Sheridan’s social scene. This past Saturday, it held its expansion party, revealing a fresh logo and new plans for the company.

Although Black Tooth has successfully collected numerous awards throughout the past few years, Travis Zeilstra and Tim Barnes — co-owners of the business — want to continue expanding.

The company launched a new logo recently. Originally a mountain range with the company’s name displayed across it, Zeilstra said they wanted to go more modern while still paying tribute to their western roots.

The new logo alludes to a buffalo, featuring the initials of the company (BTB) in the design.

“We wanted to differentiate ourselves,” he said. “There’s lots of beer festivals in the summer and all the logos are very similar.”

They wanted to reveal the new logo and reintroduce Black Tooth Brewing Company and its changes through Saturday’s party. From the early afternoon and into the night Black Tooth hosted games, food vendors and live music by John Kirlin and the Teka Brock Band.

During the activities Zeilstra kept busy with tours of the new facility. Along with the new branding the company has also brought in more equipment such as a 30-barrel brewing system in order to expand distribution and product output.

Their ability to further develop the brewery lies in their success, which Zeilstra says comes down to three things: good beer, good help and good community support.

“We’ve got a very good, loyal following,” he said.

Expansion partygoers agree.

“It’s built the community up in a positive way and it’s something Sheridan can be really proud of — the beer and the facilities,” said regular Tess Lannan.

Patrick Doyle, another regular, agrees. He said that people appreciate being able to support a local business in a friendly environment. “The best part about it is local people coming in to drink local beer.”

Within the next 12 to 18 months Barnes and Zeilstra want to be in the entire state of Wyoming. And with the new equipment this will be possible as they’ll be able to brew 25,000 barrels of beer at this facility within six months to a year. In the near future they plan to brew closer to 50,000 and spread the company into Montana and South Dakota.

By Cassidy Belus

The Sheridan Press