SHERIDAN — Finding information like assessed values or other property information used to require a phone call to the Sheridan County clerk or assessor. Not anymore.

The county recently took its new interactive mapping website live, and the online geographic information system, or GIS, contains everything from zoning information to hunt areas.

“This is a good first spot for people to look and get that information without making a call to our assessor or clerk,” Information Technology Manager Mark Rambur said.

Sheridan County has offered interactive mapping on its website for years, but the new format is faster, cleaner and more user-friendly.

Rambur said IT staff worked on the website for about three months leading up to its debut a couple weeks ago. Sheridan County provided area-specific data to Greenwood Mapping, which set up the user interface. The county contracted with the Wilson-based company for $12,500.

With just a few mouse clicks, users can look at land and parcel information, roads and streets, public lands, various zoning districts, voting precincts, fire and school districts, to mention a few.

The layout is simple even for the technology illiterate. The map offers a zoom tool and an information button, so residents can focus in on properties of interest to collect desired public data. The right-hand column features check boxes, so finding out which fire or school district a home sits in takes just one additional click.

Rambur’s favorite new feature, however, has nothing to do with property values.

“One thing that I personally really like with this new one that we didn’t include on the old website is we’ve now got the hunt areas, which is pretty cool,” he said. “You can turn on different hunt areas for antelope, elk, moose and deer.”

Wilson Mapping produced similar systems for 13 other Wyoming counties, and the Sheridan County edition maintains a similar look and feel, offering continuity for those who have used other interactive mapping sites in the state.

With any luck, the website will come with one additional benefit: A little more peace and quiet for the county clerk and assessor.